Avon Tattoo

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 Martin Binczewski

Tattooing for over 16 years, Martin is comfortable with all styles of Tattoo. From Portrait to Black and Grey, Old School to Realistic. Martin enjoys creating one of a kind custom pieces.


Best Realistic Tattoo (Great British Tattoo Show 2013)

Best Small Black & Grey (Ink Fest Tattoo Convention 2013)

Best of Show (Ink Fest Tattoo Convention 2013)

Best Small Colour (Halloween Tattoo Bash 2013)

Best Halloween (Halloween Tattoo Bash 2013)

Best of Convention (Halloween Tattoo Bash 2013)

Best Small Black & Grey (Ink Fest 2014)

Best Portrait (Ink Fest 2014)

Best of Convention (Ink Fest 2014)

Dan went from Professional Boxer to Tattoo Artist. When Martin gave him the opportunity he decided to hang up his gloves to put 100% effort into his tattooing.

Dan is happy tattooing all styles and size of tattoos.


Best Small Colour (Ink Fest  2013)

Best Small Colour (ink Fest 2014)


Ben Parry

Ben came from a fine arts background. Growing up he was heavily influenced by the Hip Hop and Graffiti scene giving him a love for all forms of Art and enjoying all styles of Tattoo.


Best Realistic (Ink Fest  2014) 

Jodie Davies

Jodie completed a national diploma in Art & Design.

She also qualified as a make-up artist, studying Theatrical & Media Make-up which included body painting.

When Jodie realised she wanted to work in body art she completed a tattoo apprenticeship.

Jodie enjoys all styles of tattooing